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Weekly Update

Time zones are confusing enough as it is - I should know, I was very confused when the clocks went forward on Sunday - so we weren't helping things by displaying timestamps on the dashboard in UTC for those of you in other parts of the world. Now if you hover over a timestamp (or tab to the timestamp with the keyboard), it'll display the timestamp in both UTC and your local time, in a format a bit more familiar to you (like MM/DD/YY for you folks in the US).

An animated gif of a cursor moving over a timestamp, popping up a tooltip showing the time in both UTC and local time.

What else we shipped

  • 🆕 Web: Timeline items now link back to their Slack posts
  • 🆕 Web: We'll now render a timeline item when you rename an incident
  • 🆕 Web: We now create timeline items for all images shared in an incident channel, not just pinned ones
  • 🆕 Slack: You can now assign the lead role for your incidents using the role name you defined (not just "Lead")
  • 🆕 Slack: There's now a button to post all the open actions to the incident channel in the incident actions menu (/inc actions)
  • 💅 The incident summary now supports Slack mrkdwn across web and Slack.
  • 💅 Slack: We've put back the prompt to add a summary when there isn't one, but it's less annoying now
  • 💅 Web: We now show the incident status in the list view
  • 💅 Web: You can now tag @here and @channel in your Workflows in the Slack send message steps (thanks Yoco)
  • 💅 We've refined some of our Slack posts and modals to make them a bit more consistent
  • 🐛 Web/Slack: Fixed an issue where some Jira dropdowns (e.g. Priority) weren't populating when exporting an issue (thanks Aiven)
  • 🐛 Web/Slack: Un-pinning and re-pinning messages will now recreate timeline items (thanks again Aiven!)
  • 🐛 Web: Fixed the "Request access" dialog not showing up when you tried to access an incident you didn't have access to
  • 🐛 Web: We're now displaying a more helpful error if you try to connect Github when you aren't an organization owner
  • 🐛 Web: Fixed a bug where exporting a follow-up to Linear would lose the description (thanks Render)

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