Time for something .new!

Weekly Update

This week we bring you a brand new way to declare incidents from the dashboard, as well as a whole host of improvements, polish and bugfixes!

We also recently announced our new $4.7m funding round, led by Index Ventures and Point 9, and moved to a new office to support our rapidly growing team. It's been a busy few weeks, and we're currently shipping product surrounded by cardboard boxes and cables we can't quite place, but we're not slowing down!

We've been asked a number of times whether it's possible to declare an incident from the dashboard, to which the answer has been "not yet", until now! The eagle eyed amongst you will notice we've recently introduced the ability to declare incidents from the dashboard.

something new form

We've also registered a neat little domain - inc.new to make it even easier to do it, just type inc.new into your browser, and it'll take you straight to the "declare an incident" screen - give it a try!

As always, we're excited to hear what you think about what we're shipping, and we rely on your feedback to shape what we build next - let us know your thoughts in the incident.io community Slack!

What we shipped

  • 💅 We now say thanks when you invite us to an incident announcement channel, always good to be polite!
  • 💅 We gave our website a small spruce-up - got to look our best for all our lovely new customers!
  • 💅 We're now able to post in (not read) any channel. In some cases we were still sending direct messages to get around some auth scope issues, but we now reply to you in-channel if we can. If you're not seeing this, you may need to re-install the app, just let us know and we can help.
  • 💅 For customers with multiple status pages configured, we now help you set them up without any need to speak to us. We love hearing from customers but this felt like a support call nobody should need to make!
  • 💅 Messages which were pinned and then deleted were showing up as "experiencing an error" in the dashboard. Whilst technically true, it didn't feel very useful. Now we hide them.
  • 🐛 For some customers, exporting the postmortem document to Google docs resulted in the timeline table only taking up half the width of a page. Fixed! Thanks to Peter @ BottlePay for raising it.
  • 🐛 Follow-up actions that were closed and then re-opened, weren't appearing on the follow-ups page. Now they are! Thanks to Girish at DBT labs for reporting that one!
  • 🐛 We were seeing some very rare, very strange behaviour where after closing an incident, it'd magically and silently re-open itself. Unacceptable, but after quite a gnarly investigation involving ORM behaviour, race conditions and a lot of quizzical facial expressions we tracked it down. Thanks to Michael @ Bud for flagging it!
  • 🐛 We were getting reports that the bot felt a lot chattier than normal, which didn't seem right - we try hard to avoid emulating the microsoft paperclip of old and have several safeguards in place to try and avoid spamming incident channels at the wrong moment. It turned out we'd subtly changed some of the behaviour, now fixed. Thanks to everyone who brought it to our attention
  • 🐛 CSV files now use UTC for their timestamps. Timezones are something that multiple customers have raised and we're thinking about how to best represent them in the app more generally, but for now, aligning CSVs with other parts of the app felt sensible.
  • 👷 We've invested engineering time in massively improving our logging and exceptions, solving a few weird bugs where sourcemaps weren't appearing as expected. Now they're so good you almost want to introduce bugs...
  • 👷 We've refactored a subset of the code that powers our API, laying the foundations for a lot more product work we have planned in the near future, and helping us ship changes even faster

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