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They see me role-in

In, roles are a first class citizen. We think of them as 'hats that you can wear' during an incident. We use them to make it clear:

  • What the responsibilities are of a given role (e.g. the Communications Lead is responsible for internal and external communications)
  • Who is currently playing that role (e.g. Pete)

Until now, we only supported a single role - the Incident Lead. We knew this was limiting, and our customers agreed, so we fixed it.

You can now add and customise your own roles to fit how you like to respond to incidents, attaching a description and instructions on how to play the role. Roles can be assigned and re-assigned during incidents by using /incident roles.

When someone is assigned to a role, we'll privately send instructions to the assignee to make it clear what they need to do, and help them get up to speed.

roles instructions screenshot

Head over to the Help Centre to learn how to use them, or join us in Slack to let us know what you think!

What we shipped

  • 🆕 If you /zoom in an incident channel, we'll prompt you to add it as the call for the incident. Like magic.
  • 🆕 If a user joins an incident channel, we'll now automatically acknowledge any open PagerDuty escalations they are assigned to. This’ll prevent those accidental escalations to others when you jump into incident mode, and saves you precious time and headspace.
  • 🆕 We have a small-but-lovely Community where we share sneak previews of features, and get open feedback on the product. We now invite you to join it after you've closed your first real incident.
  • 💅 If you make updates to the incident as you close it, we used to splurge a lot of additional updates into the channel, in addition to the closing message. We're now a lot quieter. Thanks for the prod, GoCardless!
  • 👷🏽‍♀️ As part of our migration to slash commands, we removed all references to @incident in our codebase.
  • 🐛 If you tried to close an incident when you'd already archived the channel, we would barf. Now we don't. Thanks, Loom!
  • 🐛 In some circumstances, we weren't announcing when actions were completed. We now do.
  • 🐛 Occasionally, we wouldn't update the incident announcement channel post after some updates via a slash command. We now ensure that we always update it, regardless of the command you use. Better to be safe than sorry.

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