Salesforce Integration

Weekly Update

Integrations are one of the functionalities that make so flexible and powerful. By popular demand, we’ve added a new integration (our first since launching the Catalog!) with Salesforce. This super-simple integration syncs your customer accounts list into your Catalog, so that you can attach them to your incidents, as well as any workflows, insights and triggers.

For many customers, Salesforce is their commercial teams’ source of truth. We hope that this integration makes it even easier to keep track of affected customers, account owners and other account details throughout the incident resolution process.

To set up the integration, navigate to the Integrations section of the Settings page. You’ll notice a new widget:

Installing will redirect you to Salesforce, where you can OAuth with your Salesforce account. Afterwards, you’ll be able to choose an Account List to sync. Once you’ve done this, your accounts will be available to use via the Catalog straight away.

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