Backlog crush

Weekly Update

The eagle-eyed among you might notice that “what else we’ve shipped” is longer than usual. That’s because, similarly to what we did in January, we’ve crushed our backlog. This manifests in many improvements across the platform - from nitty gritty performance fixes on certain API endpoints to new features that we didn’t have before.

You can find the whole list below - but here are some highlights…

New alert sources

We’ve shipped integrations with and Elasticsearch that’ll alert you when one of your sites goes down or a query you’ve written fires an alert.

New date format for incident channel name variables

Want more configurability on how we name your incident channels? No problem. We now support y/m/d formatting in channel name variables.

New Slack command: /inc request update

It was previously possible to request an update to an incident from within the dashboard, and now we’ve brought that experience to Slack with /inc request update.

Workflow step for assigning a follow-up owner

Finding time to work on follow-ups after the heat of the moment, when an incident is resolved, can be tricky at the best of times. Collective ownership makes that even harder, so we now let you assign follow-up owners using workflows. For example, you can assign all your follow-ups to the incident lead by default.

🚀 What else we’ve shipped

🆕 We now support rich text in the message used for resolving a status page incident when updating from a workflow

🆕 You can now use properties of a follow-up to decide which export template to use: for example, sending follow-ups that are assigned to someone in the INFRA team to the INFRA Jira board

🆕 Add country code drop-down to mobile phone number input in notification settings

🆕 Add deletion protection to policies that are still being reported on

🆕 You can now use the status category of an incident when setting a custom channel name for incidents

💅 When scheduling a status page maintenance, we'll now show what time zone is used for the dates

💅 When configuring a status page with sub-pages, the URL is no longer truncated

💅 Loading the post-incident tab is now significantly faster when you have a lot of tasks

💅 The debug flag now shows HTTP requests being made by catalog-importer

💅 On narrow screens, the sidebar on the incident homepage no longer overlaps with the main sidebar

💅 We'll now show a nice Avatar if we can't load your profile picture from Slack

💅 We'll now understand /inc test even when it's formatted differently, for example /inc test

💅 /inc whoisoncall and /inc cover now works in all channels

💅 You can now see the absolute timestamp for when we received an alert in the dashboard

💅 You can see the full title of an alert by hovering

💅 Improve how the schedule upcoming change marker looks when you are changing 2 rotations at the same time

💅 Manual escalations will display who manually escalated in the dashboard

💅 You can clearly see if an escalation was triggered by a workflow in the dashboard

💅 You can now command+click incidents from the post-incident dashboard to open them in a new tab

💅 When declaring using /inc, we now tidy up any URLs that are included in the incident name

💅 We now explain why certain catalog-backed custom fields can't be grouped

💅 Stop catalog type dropdown from overflowing

💅 Display useful error message if editing follow up template for broken integration

💅 Editing rich text in the catalog is now easier with a larger editor

💅 We’ve improved the formatting of links within SMS messages for incident subscriptions

💅 Datadog alert descriptions now support markdown, so you can see your Datadog monitor descriptions in lovely rich text

💅 If a status page update is made where the timestamp is edited, we now show this next to the timestamp

💅 Improved our side drawer to work better on smaller screen sizes

💅 Add timezone information to the retrospective incident declare form if it includes timestamps

💅 Add the ability to un-skip post-incident tasks

💅 Clean up post-incident the table view to allow for long incident descriptions

💅 Add a placeholder and link in Slack when you copy & paste an image into an incident summary or update from the dashboard

💅 Remove unused column from the GitHub user catalog entry object

👷‍♀️ Improved the performance of our Incidents List endpoint, to keep things nice and speedy

🐛 Changes to custom fields made while resolving an incident are now taken into account when deciding which post-incident flow to use

🐛 The configured time zone is now used for timestamps within custom sections, as well as the core timeline and summary sections.

🐛 If someone requests access to a private incident where the channel has been archived, the incident lead can accept that request from Slack

🐛 If someone creates a postmortem document destination, it will no longer be set as default automatically when a default destination already exist

🐛 Test incidents can not longer be announced via /inc announce

🐛 We now highlight when a postmortem failed to export

🐛 When failing to create a postmortem because one already exists, we'll now show you a helpful error message

🐛 We now only show the "You have unsaved changes" message when editing a postmortem template when you've actually made changes

🐛 We fixed a bug that was preventing you from clicking the Pause incident button on a nudge

🐛 We started correctly formatting the incident summary on a postmortem in Google Docs

🐛 Fixed a bug where you couldn't bulk-complete follow-ups if you require follow-ups to be assigned

🐛 Fixed a bug where we'd export a malformed CSV if a custom property had the same name as an in-built property

🐛 Fixed a bug where the variable selector would sometimes close unexpectedly

🐛 Stop duplicate calendar names showing up when there are Google Calendar connection issues

🐛 Fix the Slack message we send then there are no related incidents

🐛 Improved the way we handle errors when connecting to Salesforce

🐛 Fix a bug where update messages when resolving incidents with AI generated summaries would be lost

🐛 Remove "sentry is broken" warning banner upon reinstall

🐛 Ensure that update messages are always shared to slack for live incidents

🐛 Fix a bug where back button on incident overview page would default to incident list for internal redirects

🐛 Stop trying to parse mrkdwn from follow-up descriptions unless they are directly from slack

🐛 Debrief policies created from auto-invite conditions will only apply to currently open and future incidents

🐛 Fix fields in customise view not selecting when clicking on text

🐛 Pause incident slash command default times now correctly uses your local timezone

🐛 The expressions editor now enforces a fallback option for required fields

🐛 Fixed a UI bug where deleting and re-adding workflow conditions would retain the deleted values

🐛 Fix edge-case UI bug allowing severity updates to merged incidents

🐛 Fix UI bug causing the "Edit user" modal to close slowly after submit

🐛 Fix bug causing the "mark as resolved" option to be applied to post-incident tasks that hadn't yet been resolved

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