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❤️ Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at ❤️

It's great to be able to track incident follow-ups alongside other work in your issue tracker of choice.

As a festive treat, we're announcing a new partnership for us at incident HQ. We've supported Jira Cloud for a while, but today we introduce support for Jira Server!

As with all our issue tracker integrations, once connected, you can export follow-ups to Jira Server from the web dashboard. We'll then keep the follow-up 'in sync' with your Jira board, so updates in Jira will be reflected inside on the follow-ups page.

You'll also be able to view more details on the insights page, to understand how your team is managing follow-ups.

What we shipped

Here's what else we've been up to this week:

  • 🆕 You can now configure a minimum severity on the default announcement rule
  • 🆕 We can now send SMS messages to US phone numbers
  • 💅 The Incident Home modal in Slack now shows reminders of the slash commands to help
  • 💅 It's now easier to claim the incident lead role when a lead isn't set
  • 💅 We display a clear banner to indicate when you're logged in to our Slack Community instance of
  • 💅 It's now possible to ask Statuspage to share your updates on Twitter when updating it from Slack.

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