Getting down to specifics

Weekly Update

This week we've made it even easier to filter your incidents on the web! Maybe you want to view only the incidents assigned to you as incident lead, or show any incidents with a severity of Major or greater. Or BOTH. So many filtering possibilities!

A screenshot of the web app, with a dialog open that says 'Add filter'. The options selected are 'severity', 'greater than or equal to', 'minor'.

Where previously you could choose to show incidents from the last 7 days, 30 days or 90 days, we've added some more complex date filtering as well, including showing all incidents within a specific date range.

You can even copy or bookmark the URL of the filtered view to share it with others.

What we shipped

  • 💅 We introduced some new and powerful incident filters, improved date filtering, and added filtering by assigned roles.

  • 💅 You can now disconnect integrations from the Settings area!

  • 💅 Incident postmortem docs now have a link to the incident's Slack channel

  • 💅 We now show a warning when you're updating your public status page from within Slack, to make sure it's what you absolutely want to do!

  • 💅 We've now got a shiny new Pricing page!

  • 🐛 Changing custom fields on the incident detail page will now update the UI afterwards.

  • 🐛 We fixed a bug where the Auto Close Incidents setting wasn't loading any content.

  • 👷 Sophie joined the team as our newest engineer! She'll introduce herself soon - for now she's been picking up some of the things you've been reporting in the Community.

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