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Weekly Update
*You might notice those are 0% beers - we have work to do!

Start with Wye

It's a been a while since we last posted one of these, and despite the radio silence we've been busy behind the scenes at HQ. Firstly, we now actually have a HQ, and it's in an old firestation - very fitting. Pete and Stephen have left their full-time jobs and are now working 100% on

This week we've decamped to an eco-lodge in the Wye Valley to plan for the next few months. We've got hundreds of ideas and a mountain of valuable feedback, so we're taking a week to refine it all into something amazing.

No more breaks now. Expect weekly changelogs to be weekly. All systems go.

Thanks for the feedback!

We received some lovely feedback from customers over the past week — this kind of thing makes our day, thanks folks!

What we shipped

  • 💅 We've stopped Slack unfurling links when we post from @incident. We share all the context you need, so pulling it from an external link just cluttered the channel.
  • 👷🏽‍♀️ We've been working on some big resiliency improvements; splitting parts of the app into distinct components to make us more reliable and tolerant of failure.
  • 👷🏽‍♀️ We've been improving the state of our build and deploy pipelines. We can now test our code, and deploy it through to production in ~5 minutes - handy as we start ramping up on shipping ⚡
  • 👷🏽‍♀️ We've added a number of alerts so we'll know quicker when things go wrong, and specifically what's up.
  • 🐛 We fixed a bug with our statuspage integration which was causing errors if you opted to tweet the status update too. Thanks for the report Render!
  • 🐛 We use idempotency keys to prevent duplicate items being added to the incident timeline, and one of our keys included the current time. Not a great choice, clearly, but so we're now using something reproducible.
  • 🐛 We fixed a bug that showed the incident reporter as the person who generated the postmortem document. Now the correct person gets all the credit.

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