Why speed of iteration made buying incident.io the right choice with John Paris of Skyscanner

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This week, we're sharing an extra special episode.

It's no secret that the decision to buy or build isn't exactly a straightforward one. And the decision you make can be influenced by a ton of factors.

But the fact is that in some instances, buying can make more sense than building, and in others, building can make more sense than buying.

In this episode, you'll hear from John Paris, Principal Engineer at Skyscanner, to get the story behind their build versus buy journey.

Joining him as the host for this episode is none other than the CPO of incident.io, Chris Evans.

In their conversation, Chris and John discuss Skyscanner's setup before adopting incident.io, what life has been like after adopting the platform, and a whole lot more.

Build, buy or maintain with John Paris of Skyscanner

In this conversation, John Paris and Chris Evan discuss Skyscanners' build vs. buy journey.

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