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Graduate with /inc tutorial

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From today, we're releasing an interactive tutorial that can teach people the basics of using, including:

  • Providing incident updates (/inc update)
  • Assigning roles (/inc lead)
  • Creating and managing actions (/inc actions)
  • Pinning content into the timeline (:pin:)
  • Closing an incident (/inc close)

You can start the tutorial by typing /inc tutorial in any of your Slack channels:

Completing the tutorial takes about 5 minutes, quick enough to do just before joining an incident, or during a coffee break. Becoming more familiar with means you improve how you respond to real incidents- definitely worth a few minutes to try!

Just as responders can benefit from familiarity with the Slack app, it's important to understand the incident homepage, and how actions in the incident channel are reflected to anyone keeping track via the website.

For that reason, the tutorial ends by encouraging people to visit their incident page, where we'll trigger an interactive tour that explains each section:

Screenshot of the product tour on the incident homepage, calling out the key participants section

Next time someone asks "how do I use", give them /inc tutorial for a personalised walkthrough.

This is our last official changelog of 2021, but stay tuned for some feel-good content to enjoy during your Christmas break!

What we shipped

  • 🆕 Create tutorials via the /inc tutorial
  • 🆕 Product tour of the incident page when sent by the tutorial
  • 🆕 We're officially SOC 2 certified! Read the blog post here.
  • 💅 Use a consistent tone of voice across the product (we, not I, or the cat's mother).
  • 💅 Cache issue tracker form options, such as the Jira project, the GitHub repo, or Clubhouse user- this should make exporting of actions much nicer.
  • 💅 Lots of work on our marketing page to ensure sign-ups are easy, and we direct people down the appropriate funnel.
  • 💅 For the /inc update flow, auto-fill the incident summary from the update if not set, and provide the last update for reference when writing the summary.
  • 💅 Default to creating follow-up actions from the Slack app when an incident has been closed.
  • 🐛 Fix a bug where incidents page loads indefinitely when you have no incidents.

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