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Weekly Update

Tickets, please!

With last week being just four days, we decided to tackle some small quality-of-life changes we know people have been dying to see.

Upgraded Jira ticketing

After our recent introduction of follow-up actions as a mechanism for tracking post-incident tasks, we've seen an uptick in people exporting their actions into external issue trackers.

If you're a Jira power-user, you may have struggled to export your actions if the project or issue type you were exporting into required custom fields.

After digging into Jira's API and getting to grips with the various different field types and auto-completes, we now support custom fields of whatever form you may have configured, all inside the dashboard:

Export to Jira form in the dashboard

Exporting actions into backlog issues is something we do ourselves at, pushing our post-incident tasks into Linear. We keep track of the link between your incident action and the external issue, and sync action states/assignees so reflects the current state of the issue.

Doing this allows us to provide you insight on how well you're actioning your incident follow-ups. View a summary of outstanding follow-ups in your dashboard or export to a CSV if you want to crunch the numbers yourself.

We'll be looking to do more with this data in future. Watch this space!

Initial incident message and invites

Loads of our users want to hook into incident creation to and customise the messaging given to responders, perhaps offering guidance or advice that might be useful to help get started.

As of this week, you can configure your incidents to:

  • Post a custom message whenever the channel is created
  • Invite specific people into the incident channel on creation

You can control the message and invites in your settings page:

Configure initial incident behaviour in the settings dashboard

That config would create incidents like this:

An example incident channel showing the initial message and invite

We want to be fully adaptable for your organisation's processes, as everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to running incidents.

These two features are a preview of a more powerful and general concept we want to build into the product, something we're calling workflows. We expect to roll these settings into workflows once it's ready, so watch this space!

We've updated our roadmap!

If you want to follow this work or see what we plan on hitting next, we've updated our product roadmap with our most recent plans.

Please send us any feedback or suggestions of what you'd like to see us build in the Slack community- we always want to hear from our users!

What we shipped

As always, a quick summary of what we released:

  • 💅 Rejig order of incident creation messages for improved readability

  • 💅 Speed up our incidents endpoint, helping the dashboard load faster

  • 💅 Updated the public roadmap with our most recent plans

  • 👷🏽‍ Building out interviews for a variety of roles- checkout our jobs page, we're hiring!

  • 🐛 Support post-mortem copy-to-clipboard in Safari

  • 🐛 Clear the actions edit modal of unsaved changes

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